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Our Mission

There are two parts to our mission.  First, we will provide the highest form of detailed, holistic, and comprehensive training, so that each athlete will be given the opportunity to perform at peak performance.  Second, we want to impact every individual we encounter using our knowledge of our craft, to create individuals that hold the values of discipline, integrity, and commitment to make them champions in their sport and in life

Our team


Coach Tee Jones

Coach Tee is the Owner of The Speed System.  He brings over 15 years of training athletes of every level.  His passion, creativity, and energy is what help make The Speed System one of the most impactful training companies in the world!


Coach Zack

Coach Zack Kauffman brings a great deal to this team.  His experience with working with a wide range of athletes from all sports.  If anyone can match the energy of Coach Tee, Coach Zack trains with the same passion!

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Coach Torin

Coach Torin Shanahan, comes to us with a wide array of knowledge of training any athlete. He has worked with athletes of all sports and has even shared his knowledge by writing articles in national publications.  He is an awesome addition to the Virginia team!

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Coach Khari

Coach Khari Owens has great knowledge in the strength and conditioning field.  His passion to see athletes get better makes him a great addition to our team!  

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